multiplier event

The third and final Local Learning Festival was held in Ireland on 28 th January. We had piloted previous events, using crafting to engage women and migrants in education and in an event to present the CREATION training package. To continue this work with using crafting for integrating learning into this local festival event, we decided to host a traditional craft workshop with local community members, and to invite women from all cultures to come together and to make the St. Bridget’s Cross. St Bridget is our female patron saint in Ireland, and we celebrate her holy feast day on 1 st February. As such, this event was planned the week before this event, to invite community members to come together, to learn about this significant day in Irish history and culture, and to share stories about their own culture and what is significant to them. The event began with a presentation about CREATION, and then during the practical workshop where the St. Bridget’s crosses were made. At this event, we also delivered sessions that were taken directly from the Train the Trainer curriculum (IO5) developed by CREATION partners.