multiplier event

In the framework of the CREATION Project, the IADE – Universidade Europeia (ENSILIS) organised in partnership with the Aga Khan Foundation, a local learning festival on 18th January 2022 in Lisbon (Portugal). Up to 17 women from marginalised backgrounds together with educators, social workers and trainers joined the activity where main intellectual outputs conducted within the CREATION project were presented, explored, and discussed.

Moreover, the participants, working in groups, followed a design thinking approach and co-design methodologies to go through the different phases of the CREATION Pedagogical Framework, well presented in the CREATION toolkit, in a dynamic sequence of divergent e convergent thinking.

Using some tools as mind-maps and supported mostly in cultural value and perceptions, from their own and from the potential users, the migrant women identified and developed, during the workshop, some ideas of creative and multicultural entrepreneurial projects. In the end, three project ideas were presented and discussed by the women participating in the workshop.

The final results were very interesting, and it was a good experience for all. The wish to repeat the workshops, both from the beneficiaries as well as our partner, deepen the training and get new solutions of the kind was also a very good outcome that emerged from this collaborative moment.