multiplier event

On 16 December 2021, ECHN organised a one-day creative workshop at Romantso cultural venue in Athens. Twenty-five participants joined the event, the majority of who were women & men from marginalised backgrounds, interested in culture and creativity.

The workshop began with a presentation of the Creation project and a brief description of what will follow next. The facilitator encouraged participants to introduce themselves, share their cultural interests and divide into groups.

Τhe workshop was structured in three parts. During the first part (the “Motivational Session”) three successful stories in cultural entrepreneurship were presented in order to act as motive and inspiration for the participants.

A brainstorming session followed, in which participants were asked to think of creative ideas which can be transformed into a profitable business and write down creative keywords that can be relevant to them.

The final session consisted of the introduction and explanation of the Business Canvas Model. Based on this model, each group developed the prevailing idea, presented the results and received feedback from the other members.

The participants' reactions and feedback indicated that it was a valuable lesson and a worthwhile experience. The workshop not only provided them with some basic entrepreneurial skills but it gave them the opportunity to socialize, network and exchange views with people sharing the same cultural interests.