Cultural and Arts Entrepreneurship in Adult Education

Cultural and Arts Entrepreneurship in Adult Education

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SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSWOMEN, above all originating from migrant communities, are especially vital contributors to social inclusion in diversified European communities. CREATION supports etnic minority women in building entrepreneurial skills and fostering integration through focusing especially on cultural and arts entrepreneurship. A research-based FRAMEWORK will support women to map out innovative cultural entrepreneurship skills. Interactive TRAINING RESOURCES will support EDUCATORS and MIGRANT WORKERS in strengthening crucial entrepreneurial skills of female entrepreneurs. Intersectoral BLUEPRINT PACKAGE will propose a roadmap to design, implement and evluate cultural and arts entrepreneurship. TRAINING for EDUCATORS will prepare them for working with non-traditional, community-based learning resources.

Our Mission

The intention through the CREATION project is to explore the theoretical roots, pedagogical approaches, and practical training in, and for cultural entrepreneurship!



At the heart of different lifelong learning programmes across Europe, the discussion of the creative economies, their characteristics and the need for adult training to create a future workforce that possesses creative, cultural or artistic skills, is always vivid.

Within the context of this discussion, the gradual shift from an almost exclusive focus on management to the potential of cultural entrepreneurship, has seen an explosion in interest.

CREATION responds to these emerging needs by offering pedagogical approach and a practical training based in the environment of creative industries.

CREATION is targeting specifically underrepresented groups, being women who come from marginalised backgrounds (migrants, refugees and asylum seekers).

Additionally, CREATION is addressing adult educators and migrant support workers, being those who directly support migrant women.

The CREATION project aims to allow for more opportunities for migrant women to broaden their opportunities, create better prospects for independent work and integration in their host communities.

Our Partners

IADE - Universidade Europeia

IADE - Universidade Europeia (ENSILIS), is a laboratory of creativity, talent and leadership, founded in 1969, in Lisbon, recognized by society as a pioneer in teaching Design in Portugal, one of the best Design schools in Europe and also a pioneer in Marketing, Advertising and Photography.

Hub Nicosia

Hub Nicosia is an educational NGO based in Cyprus. It particularly aims to mobilise youth to fully engage in the civic, political and economic life. Hub Nicosia is also a co-working space and a community of organisations with cultural, environmental or social aims.


The ‘Art + Design: elearning lab - design for social change’ pursues a variety of educational and research activities, as well as practical socially orientated interventions in support of design for social change and innovation, social entrepreneurship, design education and technology-enhanced learning.

ECHN Association

The European Creative Hubs Network is a peer-led network with a mission to enhance the creative, economic and social impact of hubs. It is the first network in Europe, specifically tailored to support physical spaces that host and provide services to multiple creative businesses.

Matera Hub

Materahub is a consortium that works at the international level to supports enterprises, startups and aspiring entrepreneurs, institutions and organizations through european projects. Materahub is partner of many international projects.


Future In Perspective Ltd. is a private company based in the border region of Ireland specialising in the areas of education and e-learning, media production, strategic planning and business development and evaluation.

Jugend Kulturprojekt

Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. (JKPeV) was founded in 2004 with the aim of providing opportunities for young people and adults to develop and use their soft and professional skills and stimulate their creativity and entrepreneurship through non-formal learning methods.



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